Scrap Copper Prices and Scrap Aluminum Prices

I just had another thought about something, if you go to this website then you can get scrap metal pricesĀ for all of the major English speaking regions across the world. While this was only somewhat of a passing thought I checked out their prices and they all seem to be fairly accurate so it’s definitely worth taking a look at if you have some scrap to get rid of. I’d say that you should get over to a scrap yard right away if you have any of the following materials; copper, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass, gold, silver, iron, brass or even lead. Especially if you are situated in Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, England, France, Spain, Germany, America, USA, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa. They provide updated scrap copper prices and scrap aluminum prices across the world.

Ways We Can Tackle Environmental Issues

Air pollution is a huge concern for all who know what it entails. Particularly in China, but also in a wide number of countries across the planet, it is a massive issue that causes a large quantity of lost productivity and also health expenses too. There are a wide range of basic solutions that could be utilised in order to end or at the very least limit air pollution across any of the major countries that are currently pollution the air in the world. Firstly, the number one method would be stop using coal as an energy source and eventually try to get away from using any of the fossil fuels that notoriously pollute our planet.

Action at Coal Power Plant in Beijing

Unfortunately it’s not quite as simple as that, many governments are highly reluctant to change and some countries are not fazed by the concept of polluting the planet to animal’s and human demise. One factor that could help to propagate the spreading of this information would be to publicise air quality information across all major news stations and therefore enable it to be easily accessed by the public. One method that could be utilised in tackling the actual act of polluting the planet would be to tighten the controls of power plant emissions, this would force these companies to search for new ways to produce power, rather than using traditionally fossil fuel based methods that are extremely toxic for Earth and all of its species.

We should also act to try to introduce cleaner fuel standards and make the currently gradual change to utilising electric cars much faster – and across the world too. Petrol and diesel are extremely toxic to the atmosphere and are undoubtedly speeding up global warming to a much higher rate. We should also try to prevent the creation of new power stations across the world, currently there are very few nations that put any sort of restriction on the production of these buildings, this is a fundamental issue that we face and unless we stop this one at the root it will continue long into the future and by the time we realise, it may already be too late. In addition to this, when new power planets are sanctioned, they should be limited in size and total output, therefore we can manage their emissions much more readily.

Many thanks again for all of you true activists for reading my post, you are the people that are making the difference to the world – so many people are not taking any form of action and are simply talking about it thinking that they are helping – this is not the case and it’s crucial that we recognise this. Please share the link to my blog to all of your environmentalist friends and hopefully we together can make a difference. I’m not sure if this will be the case, but hopefully it will be, fingers crossed and lets hope for a bright and pollution free future for us, our friends, our children and all of our future generations too.

A Post About Pollution

Today’s post is going to be explaining what pollution actually is, I will begin be defining the concept – it is effectively the introduction of various contaminants into the natural environment that causes damaging change to anything residing there. It’s a fairly diverse statement that covers a range of different concepts, however pollution can be in the form of energy pollution – such a light, heat or even noise – yes, noise pollution is a real issue in some situations. However the major risk that pollution is caused by is chemical pollution – in the form of pollutants. Various different types of chemical pollutants exist and some are certainly more damaging than others, these are not found in nature but when they are it can cause considerable damage to animals, people and anything in the local area.

Air Pollution

I don’t actually believe that there is enough said about pollution in schools, in the press, in general conversations between people all across the world – it is a monumentally sized issue and is going to be the fundamental cause of our eventual eradication if we do not take action. Many people class themselves as advocates of pollution management, however very few people actually take any form of action against it. It’s a difficult subject to breach in many cases, I understand that, however – it’s something that needs tackling and it would be great to see more people taking action to tackle the world’s greatest issue to date.

I really do think that until something catastrophic happens, we are going to see more and more species becoming extinct and eventually it will be too late to save them, it is currently unknown the effects that pollution will have in the future. What we do know is that we are seeing higher and higher levels and it is expected that in the next 10 years we will see twice as much pollution seeping into our local environments than we have seen in 2016. This is a shocking statistic but it is very real and we are failing to act.

The governments around the world have been meeting repeatedly in order to make a plan to tackle pollution but due to the stubbornness of certain nations, there has been little progress. In an idealistic world we would set a maximum limit across each country and also take additional steps to prevent this problem from getting worse, as it currently is in almost every single country on the planet. How many animals will die and how many ecosystems will become toxic before people realise the adverse affects that pollution is causing not only humans, but every single type of living organism on our lovely Earth.