I just had another thought about something, if you go to this website then you can get scrap metal prices for all of the major English speaking regions across the world. While this was only somewhat of a passing thought I checked out their prices and they all seem to be fairly accurate so it’s definitely […]

Scrap Metal Prices

One thing that people have been asking me since my last post is how they can value their pieces of scrap metal. Scrap metal prices are notoriously temperamental. Ultimately though, in Australia it is difficult to pin down a particular price of a particular piece of scrap metal because they vary so much across the entirety of […]

A Post About Pollution

Today’s post is going to be explaining what pollution actually is, I will begin be defining the concept – it is effectively the introduction of various contaminants into the natural environment that causes damaging change to anything residing there. It’s a fairly diverse statement that covers a range of different concepts, however pollution can be […]