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Hello and welcome to happy exercising, my own personal blog where I intend on writing all about what you can do to keep yourself fit, whether or not it is related to your diet, how to exercise, upcoming types of exercising and a range of other health related activities too. I’m hoping to keep you all updated on a weekly basis, sometimes I expect I will be posting a lot more regularly and other times possibly not so often. Either way, I’m sure you’ll all be very keen to continue visiting my blog once you see what I have in store for you. I will let you in on a little secret, I will be interviewing a range of substantial figures in the fitness and health scene and bringing you their thoughts on how you can keep your own body healthy in 2016.


I decided to start this blog in order to help not only all of you reading this now, but also to ensure that I personally keep myself updated on all the modern health musings that are going on. It’s a really important concept and idea for me, I think keeping your body as healthy as can be is extremely essential in order to live a happy and healthy life. Some people aren’t as keen on this thought pattern, although I believe that with some well reported information I will be able to convince a few people to change their stance on the subject. I would love to be able to say that I have helped people get motivated and change their lives for the better in whatever way possible – And I feel that happy exercising is probably the best way for me to achieve this.

All in all, if you like what you read here at happy exercising then please share the link to all of your friends. I’d love to become somewhat of an authority in the field and have spent countless nights thinking of ways that I can do it. I’m also a massive environmentalist and am a real advocate for keeping the world a clean place. I think that it’s essential in order to see us progress as a human race and if we don’t do something about keeping the planet as we found it soon then we will be facing extinction – it won’t solely be the animals that we currently put through turmoil on a daily basis. It’s not fair and we are seeing extinction levels raise to levels that are comparable to what we saw when the dinosaurs went extinct many millions of years go. This is not what anybody wants to see and it is certainly time to take action for all of us here on planet Earth.

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