Scrap Metal Prices

One thing that people have been asking me since my last post is how they can value their pieces of scrap metal. Scrap metal prices are notoriously temperamental. Ultimately though, in Australia it is difficult to pin down a particular price of a particular piece of scrap metal because they vary so much across the entirety of the country. Generally people say that scrap metal prices are higher in the eastern regions of the country, however there are pockets in the west where prices of scrap metal are high too. We’ve taken a look at the prices in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and in Victoria too. Adelaide can also have really high prices of copper. I think that there is a diverse range of prices because of the demand in different regions, I think that this is likely to change in the future as metals become increasingly rare in the regions listed above.

Scrap Metal Prices

I think it’s essential for people to check what metal they have before they take it to the scrap yards, they should separate their metal pieces out and weigh them up, then take them to the scrap metal yards for valuation. It’s also pretty important to see the prices before taking them there to stop yourself from getting ripped off on prices. The most popular types of scrap metal to sell are scrap copper, scrap aluminium, scrap steel, scrap brass, scrap lead, scrap iron and of course for the lucky few who have some, scrap gold. Many people will be happy with the prices that they will receive for their metal. However materials are traded in a very similar way to stocks are and so prices of them are very volatile. One day you might go down to the scrap metal yard and receive 10 pounds for a piece and the following day only 5, it really does vary that much.

The most important consideration that scrap yards have to make about individual sales is the grade of metal that is being offered. The most popular types of grades are grade 1, grade 2 and a variety of sub grades too. If you have grade 1 metal then you are in luck, this is by far the most valuable type of metal and can be sold for a far higher price than grades 2, 3 and 4. If you are keen to learn some more about all of the different types of metal then please continue reading my future blog posts, I will be posting back here every week with updates about how to recycle, how to keep the environment clean and also how to make some money from ridding your home of any unsightly scrap metal that may be lying around. We will also be identifying the best scrap yards throughout Australia so that our readers can get the most value out of their various materials too.

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